Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque – Get Your Black Products Reviewed On Youtube

What Does Kat Blaque Do?

Kat Blaque is presents a genius way to bring more attention to black businesses! What she does is allow you to send her black products, once she receives them she will review them on her very well followed YouTube channel. As of now we have no information on prices, but whatever the price may be it is probably worth it.

Her videos are very informative and even her opinions are based upon fact, this is a breath of fresh air these days. I posted her video above, she discusses the importance of buying black and helping to support and sustain our black economy. Kat Blaque also drops some knowledge as to how the black economy started and maybe why this economy is so far behind compared to others.

Will The Video Review Be Worth It?

Kat Blaque Is very active on twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. She is also very well known for her “KattyB art” and Support in both Women’s empowerment and LGBT rights. Her support will only grow, my recommendation is to submit your products to her while she is growing so that you may take advantage of this sista’s growth when it happens.

How Can I Get Started With Her Services?

Below i will list some of her social media accounts and the shipping address she would like you to use when sending her your black products for review. After she approves your product and reviews them, I recommend that you take that video and post it on your website (If you have one), a video of your product will increase your sales and give her more views. Two black businesses will benefit!

Email Kat Blaque:


Ship products to:

Kat Blaque
1439 W Chapman Ave
PO Box #15
Orange,CA 92868